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Three days into 2015 and yes, it’s raining…

Three days into the new year and the weather is against rushing out to do things.

Still it could be worse as snow was forecast for today, but that hasn’t arrived – yet!

So it’s time to fill up the food cupboards, the fridge and the freezer, but there’s one thing to do first.

Get the car started and get the battery checked out at Kwik Fit so there’s no further problems.

And then I can start enjoying my birthday – it’s the one that matches the number of varieties purveyed by Heinz!

All is quiet…

Yes, it’s New Year’s Day and it’s windy and semi-overcast here in West Yorkshire.

It’s going to be a quiet day (unless we take a walk to the pub) with nothing planned.

As far as tomorrow goes and the rest of the year, it’s all systems go with destinations talked about and notes plus costings made, dates being thought about (but not set in stone yet as there’s a wedding on the cards – extended family that is, not us!) and one or two other plans being put into place too.

Oh, and there’s an imminent birthday too – nothing planned for Saturday either, just going to roll the dice and see what happens!

Here’s to 2015 – let’s see what’s out there!