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Quick change…

Yes, is now!

Shorter, snappier name to type and to have on cards etc…

And the first of one or three changes happening soon!



The best laid plans of mice and men…

Yes, there was a cunning plan – then along came damage to the car, a cold, subsequent cough, worse cough and then a cough that didn’t improve because the cough medicine made matters worse thanks to interactions with my normal post-stroke meds.

You might think a bacon buttie might bring some comfort first thing on a Sunday morning, but no.

Second bite of the day saw one tooth breaking free when it came into contact with the bacon!

And all of this in the course of the last week…

Am I cheesed off?

Yes, but fortunately there was a silver lining (and I’m not just referring to the new M&S socks or the Rohan t-shirts I bought last week).

The price of accommodation for a couple of trips and the cost of flights for one of those trips and another one later in the year.

Substatial savings made on both the accommodation and the flights too…

Cue one happy bunny – planned service should be resumed soon!