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So much for new technology – the future was looking bright as the item mentioned in the last posting was orange, but…

After assembling that new filing system, I picked it up to put next to the desk and guess what?

It fell apart…

So much for a mixture of design, metal and self-assembly!

I somehow suspect that the item in question is going to replaced by old technology – a similar item in wood!

Right, it’s a bank holiday here in England so it’s time to sort out a couple of bits that I couldn’t get in Leeds yesterday and then the Wisepacking Towers drawbridge will be raised for the rest of the day to indulge in some reading and to watch  a movie or two.

Yes, it’s typical bank holiday weather here once more – it’s raining!

No comment…

Yes, there’s no comments on here at the moment, largely because the WordPress spam filters have been weeding out quite a lot of spam over the last month or so.

The comments facility may return in the not too distant future…

On a different note, Wisepacking Towers has been getting a coat of paint and a couple of vertical sideboards too.

A little bit of new technology is due on the scene shortly and once that’s been sorted, it will be all systems go once more!

London calling…

Yes, three days in London was the reason behind the 10 minute packing session.

Didn’t quite go as originally planned thanks to the Tube strike, but more will be revealed next week.

Hasta la vista…

How quick?

How long does it take to pack for a three day break?

!0 minutes if the place you’re staying in is a hostel, guest house or hotel.

And I wasn’t even rushing things whilst I was doing the packing.

The size of the bag?

A fifteen litre Healthy Back Bag.

The items inside?

Kindle, digital compact camera, wash kit, meds, two shirts, two sets of socks & underwear, one smaller than usual travel towel, a compact umbrella, a paper notebook, couple of pens and a couple of cans of Coke Zero (other drinks are available!) plus tickets and booking details.

The cans help with the expense on the journey out and back – 27p per can as they’re part of a multipack deal the local Co-Op have on at the moment. Same store usually sells single cans of the same brew from their fridges at 69p each…

Worn items include Rohan t-shirt, trousers and silver content socks & underwear (from M&S and Rohan respectively.

On the feet are a pair of Salomon ventilated trainers and that’s it.

No jacket or jumper given the weather conditions likely to be encountered, but the umbrella is in there should rain head my way.

The destination?

All will be revealed on Friday of this week!