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Hola… the pics part 2!


Could this be our new back garden getting the first set of visitors?

No, it’s part of the Alcazar de los Reyes Cristanos in Cordoba…


Even The Alhambra in Granada needs some TLC from time to time.

This is part of Palacios Nazaries complex as is…


Palacio del Partal which is also undergoing some restoration work…

More on our Andalusia jaunt next week!

Hola… the pics part 1!

thumb_DSCN1935_1024When Caroline met a rather bronzed Pablo, Malaga

thumb_DSCN1954_1024The rain in Spain doesn’t always stay on the plain – Malaga

thumb_DSCN1963_1024That’s one heck of a mushroom, Seville

More on Friday!


Twelve days, four cities, public transport, tapas, art, history and flamenco…

What’s not to like about Andalusia? Apart from the rain in Spain…

Ten more things…


  1. Sunscreen, even on slightly overcast days
  2. SPF clothing such as shirts, trousers etc for extra protection
  3. Long sleeved shirts and long trousers for sacred sites
  4. Stay hydrated, especially when temperatures start rising
  5. Insect repellents, even in cities such as Porto or Lisbon*
  6. Business cards for your digs re; walking or taxis back etc…
  7. Spare specs if you wear glasses or contact lenses
  8. A torch – either a pocket option or on your phone
  9. Personal medication, condoms etc. You know it makes sense!
  10. Notebook and pen for directions, running costs, notes

* Little bar stewards had free meals off me in both of these cities – not as nasty as the oft encountered caber tossing Highland Midge though!

Ten things… to take with you


  1. Your camera – digital compact, DLSR, smartphone, tablet or even film!
  2. Travel towel – to dry self or roll laundry in when washing on the road…
  3. Wet wipes – to clean up after spare ribs, fixing a bike or on a hot day!
  4. Body spray – high temperatures and it’s sweaty when you’re in a crowd!
  5. Bottle of water – handy at any time (sparkling rather than still).
  6. Trousers with zipped pockets – to keep thieves at bay
  7. Bags that can be locked or have pull-tight openings – see number 6!
  8. Copies of passport, travel docs & insurance (and phone numbers).
  9. Comfortable shoes, sandals or boots suitable for what you’re up to
  10. Loose change – for purchases in shops that don’t want €20 notes…



It was a long way down from this spot!

One thing that’s surprised me over the last few months is how many people are logging onto forums or asking questions on newspaper websites as to whether they should take travel insurance or not.

To me, it’s a no-brainer. Yes, you should is always my answer as I have pre-existing conditions that have to be declared in the wake of having had a stroke, but I’m also aware that the EHIC card doesn’t cover you for all eventualities or things like repatriation in the event of a biggie occurence.

Yes, specialist cover should be sought for dangerous sports etc, but even if you aren’t going paragliding or doing free-fall, there’s always the possibility that something unexpected might happen.

My stroke happened three days after a medical at a new GP practice and a few months after a nasty infection occurred following a small graze on my left leg (open leg wound for 3 months and an abcess inside open leg wound too).

There’s always the effects of liquor mortis to consider – either down to your consumption or a visiting meathead intent of drinking themselves into oblivion. Or inattentive drivers, unknown allergies or stumbles in the street…

Yes, the insurance premium will add more pounds or whatever to the cost of the trip, but it may be a lot less than the medical bills or those for repatriation to a hospital in say the UK after a crash or medical problem, especially if it’s happened on the other side of the world or in the US of A…

Treat ’em and street ’em may not be possible!

Music on the move…

thumb_DSCN1685_1024 2

Live is best, but when you’re on the road, unleash the CD or iPod!

After spending a great deal of time listening to all kinds of music during my time as a music fan, writer and band manager, when it comes to listening to songs when I’m driving here in the UK or plugging in the iPod elsewhere, there are some songs that choose themselves.

Naomi and Bel set me thinking yesterday morning when they posted one of their playlists on magazutravelling yesterday morning. The link to their post is highlighted below, but this is what I came up with as a master playlist culled from the batch of CDs that I’ve made to play in the car which just happen to also be saved on various playlists on my iPod too…

  1. Hey Ya – OutKast featuring Andre 3000
  2. Uptown Funk – Mark Ronson
  3. Song 2 – Blur
  4. Rock & Roll – Led Zeppelin
  5. Ace Of Spades – Motorhead
  6. Caroline – Status Quo
  7. Won’t Get Fooled Again – The Who
  8. Born Slippy – Underworld
  9. Barber’s Adagio For Strings – William Orbit
  10. Street Fighting Man – Rolling Stones
  11. In Between Days – The Cure
  12. Deliverance – The Mission UK
  13. White Feather/Childhood’s End – Marillion (with Fish, not H)
  14. Monkey Wrench – Foo Fighters
  15. Firestarter – Prodigy
  16. Higher Ground – Red Hot Chilli Peppers
  17. Extreme Ways – Moby
  18. Keep On Rocking In The Free World- Neil Young
  19. Shot By Both Sides – Magazine
  20. I Am The Resurrection – The Stone Roses

Bubbling under…

  1. Valerie – Mark Ronson and Amy Winehouse
  2. Bring Your Daughter To Slaughter – Iron Maiden
  3. The Boys Are Back In Town – Thin Lizzy
  4. Enola Gay – OMD
  5. 1999 – Prince
  6. Whiskey In The Jar – Metallica
  7. 1812 Overture – used for the two explosive set pieces in V For Vendetta
  8. Tiny  Dancer – Elton John
  9. Hurricane – Bob Dylan
  10. Sylvia – Focus

And that link to Naomi and Bel’s playlist?