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With the after-effects of a head cold hanging around,  it’s been time to catch up on some TV and films.

Several of the celebs taking part in The Real Marigold Hotel appeared to be sporting some large bags for their three week stay in India, whilst Michael Portillo still appears to travel with a small wheelie bag…

Even those in The World’s End had cracked the problem as they stashed their bags in the boot of Gary King‘s elderly Ford Granada before tackling The Golden Mile and a loads of Blanks.

Mind you, Pegg and Frost appeared to have large packs in their rented RV in the film Paul – the eponymous alien appeared to be travelling light though by carrying the same kind of bag sported by Neil Oliver of Coast fame).

One programme that I caught on The Travel Channel last week was Around The World In Eighty Days with Michael Palin.

Apart from the dinner suit that was posted home after a rail journey on The Orient Express, Michael’s bag of choice appeared to be a very full Billingham style travel bag.

The journey was however taken in the days before smartphones, dumb-ass phones, tablets, laptops or Kindles and if memory serves me right, Michael was carrying quite a few books with him as he travelled the globe.

Nowadays, I suspect that Michael would be travelling in a much lighter manner, yet still carrying his own stuff, especially as his camera and production crew had their own bags to carry around plus all the technical kit needed to record the images and sounds whilst on the road.

Mind you the crew would now be using the latest broadcast technology to do the same job, so their kit bags and cases would also be smaller, lighter and more manageable…

On a different note though, Jason Bourne appears to travel light, as does the British super spy who has the same initials.

Go back further in television history though and there are a couple of characters that spent three series apparently living out of two pairs of saddlebags in the wild, wild, west.

Who am I talking about? Hannibal Heyes and ‘Kid’ CurryAlias Smith and Jones of course! Not only did they have the stuff needed for any ranch work, they also managed to pull smart suit and shirt combinations out of the hat on several occasions. Awesome!

No title this time…

After writing a couple of posts recently regarding well known people, this one is about someone closer to home…

I’d seen a job advertised recently for a store manager’s post over in Halifax, but decided not to go for it as I’d worked for that company a couple of times and had walked away from their employ back in 2013 – I finished on the Friday and Caroline & I were having a good meal and some fine wine on a bar terrace overlooking Lisbon city centre 24 hours later.

As I’d got to know Peter the manager of Halifax quite well, I thought that he’d decided to retire after a sizeable length of service with the company. But no.

I found out on Friday that he’d passed away just before Christmas and that his funeral had apparently taken place on Christmas Eve.

Always one of the good guys…

Lightening the load…

The time has come to lighten the load.

Many start the process on January 1st, but I decided to be different…

Given that my birthday falls on January 3rd, it’s around anniversary time and the fact that the stash of food we’d bought in for the holiday season had hardly been touched, then a decision had to be made – to postpone things until February.

So, it’s time to do the deed now that there’s just a few crackers left in the cracker box and that the cheese to accompany said crackers is almost gone (along with the rather good homemade birthday cake).

The respective stashes have been gradually reduced rather than thrown in the bin and whilst we’ve refilled the cupboards, fridge and freezer, there’s little in the way of convenience foods and no ready meals either..

Not only that, there’s no chocolate left in the hidey hole in the kitchen and no biscuits leapt off the shelves and into the respective trolleys in Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Lidl last week either. I do know that there’s one box of RNLI fudge in the office, but once that’s gone, that’s it!

Yes, it time for some weight loss here and if the Hairy Bikers can do it, then so can I.

It will be done sensibly and it will be done without resorting to paying to attend any meetings or spending money on online resources.

So the sensible head is on, the calories are being counted and it’s bye bye to ready meals and regular takeaways. It’s Subway instead of burgers or fried chicken when out and about and the takeaways will be a treat rather than a regular occurrence.

And lightening the load may also occur on another level too – a lighter travel bag as any new trousers or jeans will be a smaller size (and a smaller packed size/lighter in weight too) whilst any footwear doesn’t need to be so sturdy.

The tops however will stay the same as I’ve taken the same size for years – it’s only the war on the waistline spread that I’ve lost!

Until now…