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Home or away?

Sutton Hoo – great place for a dig or even The Dig

Well, today is the day here in the UK.

The day when we find out what we can do, where we can go and when we can do it.

Boris will announce the plans in The House Of Commons this afternoon and then take to the airwaves later on to let the general populous know what the plans are and what the caveats are as to the timings and implementation.

So can we go or should we stay now? Time and BJ will tell.

All I do know is that there’s a jab with my name on it heading my way on Tuesday lunchtime – I haven’t jumped the queue, it’s just that events of seventeen years ago have ensured that I’m higher up the list than I expected!

No return visit to Lisbon until at least 2022 though…

Back – to the future!

Well, the software has been updated and new pics loaded, so here goes!


Which detective lives here?
And works in this office?
Soouthwold by the sea
Southwold’s inshore lighthouse
And another detective endeavours to work in this city.

Those pics…

The pics from Sunday were (top to bottom):

Sunset, Cadiz, Andalucia

Port Erin, Isle Of Man

Alfresco flamenco, Seville

The Mushroom, Seville

Sandeman’s Wine Lodge, Porto

What next?

No fog on the Tyne…

A new month in a newish year and there’s still no real indication of when lockdown restrictions will be tightened, eased or lifted here in the UK. Quite a few books have been read and television programmes watched over the last few months as plans have been lightly formulated and then put to one side in readiness for action stations once we find out what we can or can’t do.

One suspects that most of the honey pots will be booked up rather quickly, so we may use Plan B and head into cities rather than the Lake District, Northumberland, Yorkshire Dales, Norfolk, Cotswolds, Pembrokeshire, North York Moors or Scotland.

With railcards at the ready and sites such as Expedia, and individual hotel or hostel internet sites to choose from, a one-two week UK trip can be put together at very short notice and take just a few hours to research possibilities, check availability and then do the deed.

The only outstanding question is when though!

Over to you, Boris!