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Things to come…

No bull…

Changes are on the way, hence the big gap between my last post in August and this one! Yes, we have been away for part of that time, but I’ve been awaiting news as to what was happening work-wise after furlough’s end.

And now I know – redundancy.

So, what’s next? Possibly staying in the retail world with a new employer once Lockdown II is over or heading back into journalism once more.

This site will be getting a reboot once new Mac and Office software has been sourced and a new printer installed. It may be happening at this site or at a new one as I’d have preferred recent upgrades to have never happened, another reason for the lack of posts over the last two months.

As I’m no longer working for a travel clothing and equipment brand, clothing and gear reviews will be making a comeback along with pieces on the places we’ve been to in 2019 and 2020, site and software permitting!


There’s been some work going on at wisepacking’s humble abode over the last few weeks and one of the last bits has been completed this morning.

After a week of virtual camping without a bathroom in early June, the landing and stairs have just been remade/remodelled over the last fortnight.

So there’s a few finishing touches to be made by adding pictures picked up at local art shops, a cafe in Glastonbury and a Lisbon street market .

There’s also a new picture frame which requires a suitable shot to fill it. The possibilities are endless, but this is one contender…


The harbour at Viana do Castelo, September 2015.

With the internals almost finished, it’s time to get blogging once more.

The next post is on Friday, but the latest One year posts will start popping up on Monday morning!

Sparky, boilers, decorating and alarms that go off in the middle of the night!

The sparky’s been, sorted out and replaced the  switch that was causing problems earlier in the week and plans have been made for another switch and a socket to be replaced too.

Well that’s what we thought until Caroline started to do some washing up…

No hot water. One call later to our boiler installer and the matter was almost sorted as we had hot water again once various stages had been gone through over the phone.

Twelve hours later and the boiler was serviced and AOK – the problem had been with the local water pressure and not the boiler.

In between these two, we had a trip to our local B&Q to get the items needed for some decorating. And a new bulb for the light in my workspace.

One brighter bulb was bought, fitted and is doing the job, even though the stylish wire lampshade had to be removed to get the bulb into the light fitting.

It may be a bare bulb in there, but it’s still stylish and the future’s brighter than it was!

B&Q‘s staff did a great job in answering our questions and pointing us in the right direction for the items needed and also came up with a couple of suggestions as to how other things could be sorted out.

And then…

The alarm sensor on the landing went off at 3am this morning.

Nobody was making toast or cooking kippers, but we were woken up by the screech and I suspect that the neighbours also had a disturbed night’s sleep.

Then it dawned on me. I’d had this happen a few years ago when I had a flat in Skipton – it was a warm night and whilst windows were open, there wasn’t much airflow. The house was stuffy and the alarm went off. Loudly…

Other windows were opened up and the air started to flow. The alarm box eventually shut up, but that may have been the result of my silencing the box when the push button reset refused to work! Keith 1, Alarm Sensor 0.

I somehow suspect that it may be an early night tonight to catch up on lost sleep and that a glass from a bottle of carefully chosen Tawny Port might just help matters!