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Travel towels are one of those items that really are a no-brainer when it comes to travelling. They’re smaller, lighter and dry quicker than regular towels, can be used for drying oneself after a bath, shower, swim or deluge and also as a means of squeezing dampness out of travel clothing to accelerate the drying process when it’s been washed.

Snugpak is a brand which offers a whole range of different products that has been around for years now, and they’re noted because along with everything else they do, Snugpak have come up with some very fine sleeping bags and clothing produced in deepest Yorkshire just a few miles up the road from Wisepacking Towers.

The Antibacterial Travel Towel that I’ve been trying from the Snugpak range comes from somewhere that’s a bit further away – Korea.  

There’s now five sizes of towels available in the Snugpak range and each one is made from microfibre and has a Dr. Bacty antibacterial treatment. This is based around silver ions, a feature that I know is effective from other items that I’ve used in the last five years. Use it, dry it and use it again and again – it doesn’t need washing after every use.

I’ve been using a large size Snugpak towel recently and it’s worked well when it comes to drying off after a shower and has proved that it dries quickly too. Two hours after the shower and it’s dry and ready to pack away (ambient temperature was 19C according to the thermometer on the remote unit for our central heating system that was placed about a metre away from the towel whilst it was drying). No radiator was used in the drying process by the way…

Although I do have a lighter weight large size towel from another brand, the Snugpak take on the theme offers a far superior performance, so I guess that the lightweight one will stay at home now, even though there’s going to be a small weight penalty as a result of making that choice.

Two colours are available in the Snugpak Travel Towel range (olive or blue) and the sizes that’s available ensures that there’s a towel for almost every eventuality.

Small is 62 x 60cm, medium is 60 x 80 cm, large as tried is 80 x 124cm, extra-large is 100 x 124 cm and giant is 120 x 124 cm. Packed size of the large towel is 21 x 14cm

Prices start at £9.95 and top out at £29.95 (the large is £19.95) . Each towel comes with its own wet and dry stuff sack.


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