Kitchen sink drama…

Well, I haven’t got much done on wisepacking over the last few days, largely because the power at Wisepacking Towers has been going off on a regular basis with a three minute warning!

The reason? One new kitchen – old one was gutted, removed and the new one plus The Italian Job was built in just five days.

The planning started in December 2014, but how much notice did we get of the start date? One week…

So it’s been a bit frantic here to say the least, but the end is almost in sight as there’s a bit of decorating to do and some detailing to complete the job.

As the end is almost near it’s a cue for all systems go once more on wisepacking.

And The Italian Job?

No, it’s not a set of car boots (trunks in the U.S. – we know there’s a lot of wisepacking readers over there!) from classic or BMW era Minis.

It’s a bit of lateral thinking after years of putting food in cubbyholes at hostels, years of seeing Marshall stacks at rock gigs and the need for a little bit of colour.

It’s three IKEA Kallax shelving units – the base one’s red, the middle one’s white and the top one’s green.

They’ve been screwed to the wall and fitted with cupboards, drawers and soft boxes to give us what the builder called ‘a modern take on a Welsh dresser..’

A daft idea maybe, but it works!

And as I’ve already said, normal service is about to be resumed…


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