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A poster on Lonely Planet’s Thorn Tree Forum has just asked how one saves up for travelling.

Some of what follows was posted as a reply – and yes, it’s UK orientated, but there’s a couple of tips that could be followed in local equivalents in other countries…

Shop at Lidl, make a good shopping list out before shopping as a means of avoiding extra purchases.

Check out the websites of food stores in your area to see what reductions or offers are in place (i.e. the cider that Caroline likes is between £2 and £2.39 a bottle in some stores – it’s currently £1.50 in Tesco until next week).

Shop at other food stores late afternoon/end of day to get any food bargains.

Get a number 4 haircut every so often to avoid paying out for a haircut a month (works well for blokes, or someone who is going for the Sinead o’Connor look!),

Drive a small 1.2 litre hatchback.

Go to cinemas that have a loyalty card and reduced prices 2.5 days a week or buy insurance from friends of Meerkats to get 2 for 1 with Meerkat Movies – Simples!

I had a student card until I hit 40 (student union split from the UK’s NUS, which meant that a few place which took the card and gave discounts no longer did). Good for reduced price cinema tickets, eating out in other colleges and getting into classical concerts, salsa clubs etc.

Camp wherever possible on summer trips here in the UK and buy food to cook on the site in local farm shops, site shops or supermarkets. Eat out as a treat!

Travel hand luggage only so bag in the hold or bag in the trunk charges in cabs.

Buy travel clothing or kit in the sales.

Don’t carry much tech when travelling – charged Kindle and a digital compact camera plus charger is usually my lot.

Kindle gets loaded with classic books before the trip – the ones that are usually free!

Or new books that cost 99p or thereabouts.

Don’t take a phone whilst away, not even a talk and text one.

So no roaming charges and work/other pains in the neck can’t bother you either when on shorter trips

Use photocopies of info on destinations or cannibalised guide books.

Use lobby computers at hotels or hostels.

Use buses and trains and don’t hire cars to get around.

Try wherever possible to eat out on deals or what can be bought in the local supermarket/shop/cabin/trolley.

Lay off the booze, especially in Norway!

I’ll add more over the next few days….


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