Isn’t a place that I’d like to be at the moment in the wake of what happened at the weekend.

The news footage shown on the BBC here in the UK has shown some of the after effects in cities and at Everest Base Camp and it’s good to see that countries, governments, non-government organisations and companies have reacted quickly as the effects have become known.

It’s a shame then that some people have been posting messages on forums about how their travel plans have been messed up because of the earthquake instead of thinking about what’s happened and how it affects the people, the families of those who have lost family members, relatives, friends, work colleagues plus the state of play in places, the infrastructure and the economy of the country.

One suspects that the posters should be thinking about others rather than themselves and pondering what it’s like in the places which have  been affected by the quake and aftershocks that haven’t been accessed by rescue & medical teams or by camera crews…


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