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I’ve had a couple of requests recently asking whether there’s any kind of social media aspects to wisepacking

The clear and final answer on this one is no!

I’ve personally been on social media sites twice over the last five years and have left them after three months or so on both occasions.

I’m aware that there’s been comments left on wisepacking by those using social media, but on several occasions, I’ve not been able to read them anyway as they’ve been in the person’s native language rather than English.

Why don’t I use social media?

Largely because of the various posts received during my time on those sites that were of little or no interest to me.

Other reasons? The time being spent on social media that could be better spent on other things elsewhere coupled with the fact that I don’t lug that much tech stuff around when I’m heading off anywhere.

Most of the places I go to in the UK don’t have mobile phone coverage, never mind wi-fi and as I don’t have a smartphone, tablet or laptop, it’s a bit of a non-starter anyway. I got rid of the smartphone back in April, I still can’t see the need for a tablet and whilst I could be tempted to go back to having a laptop, I don’t actually see that happening soon somehow.

As a fiftysomething, I take things in on my travels and make notes in a paper notebook. These can then be used to formulate pieces on wisepacking or form the basis for pieces for print media (which is where I started and still believe in).

It may be an age thing, but it works for me!


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