Passport to somewhere…

Yes, it’s that time again – time to renew the passport.

It doesn’t actually expire until January, but it’s a bit battered after being stashed in my pocket during the three weeks we’ve spent in Portugal this year (there’s a need to keep ID or a passport on you at all times when out and about).

So, I looked everything up on the appropriate website, got an application form that covers renewal proceedings and asked about photos. I got the answers I needed, filled the form in last night and went to do the deed today.

Eventually! Went to get photos and wasn’t happy with what I was being told about them. Gave up and went to another town (well city actually) and was told the same thing – that I shouldn’t wear my specs when having the photos taken.

Which was news to me, especially as I’ve been wearing specs for around 52 years… Apparently it’s to do with the eyes.

Got the shot taken and approved by the photo shop doing the deed and went up the road a bit to get the renewal form processed.

Everything was done and dusted, checked over and paid for.

Then it was pointed out to me that the background used by the photographer may not be appropriate as it’s a white one.

So I may get my new passport in three weeks time – or a letter asking me to submit some photos without a white background.

Time will tell whether the eyes have it or someone decides to do a background check!

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