It should have been oh so simple…

Give Caroline a lift to her sister’s house and then head off to take a look around for a new desk.

Simples? You might think so – but…

I forgot Keith’s Rule 51a (the rules aren’t written down anywhere so I do keep forgetting them from time to time).

And what does Rule 51a state?

Don’t even think about going to IKEA when it’s the half-term school holidays!

I did manage to get into the car park, but couldn’t find a space.

One thing did spring to mind though – why do the drivers of 4×4/SUV vehicles insist on trying to get them into gaps that aren’t there?

Mind you, when I went to the supermarket after finally exiting IKEA’s car park, I did see one bloke trying to park a gunmetal grey Aston Martin in one of the supermarket’s parking spaces.

My little hatchback got into its parking space in one move – the Aston took a few more.

Now if the driver had been called Bond, he may have done it at the first try!



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