One of life’s great mysteries…

What do the crew working on a flight do when the following occurs and there’s only about 50 minutes to turn the plane around for the journey home (which is presumably as full as it was on the outward leg…)?

Despite various comments and questions from mum before the seatbelt signs lit up, a youngster pee’d their pants whilst strapped in for the descent to the destination airport.

And yes, the child’s mum did go ballistic when it became apparent that the pee hadn’t just soaked clothes, but also the seat itself and the floor in front of the seat…

Father did ‘fess up to the child’s deed, but it did prompt self and Caroline to wonder what the cabin crew do in such situations – do they change the seat squab, put a cover over the seat or take it out of service?

Here’s hoping that the next occupant of said seat didn’t land in the UK with any damp clothing!


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