Things that make you go D’oh!

Caroline and I had a great night out last Thursday.

First night of the latest tour by Status Quo in a standing venue in the wilds of Blackpool (and it was wild thanks to the combined effects of wind, rain and hailstones as we made our way from Blackpool North railway station to the guest house we were staying in for the night).

It was a great show with all the hits and a bit more. This was the fifth time that I’ve seen Status Quo, but it was the first time for Caroline and she was more than happy when they opened the show by playing her song – Caroline!

I can honestly say that it’s the first time that I’ve been made to bounce up and down in a venue as the show was taking place in the Empress Ballroom in Blackpool’s Winter Gardens.

The Empress Ballroom has a sprung wooden floor and boy did the floor move when everyone started to react to the songs being played onstage.

There will be more about the gig and Blackpool over the next week or so, but there are a couple of things that I didn’t understand about the audience.

Yes, I took a few pics on a digital compact camera, but many were consistently raising their phones to take shots throughout the show or to take video clips.

Now I could understand this in a gig with an audience of teenagers, but most (but not all) of the perpetrators were blokes around the 50 year old mark.

One person did however take the biscuit.

A bright young thing to my left decided to take shots on her phone throughout the show and also tweeted or received messages every couple of minutes or so.

Did I hope that she would drop her glass of whatever and black over the phone? Maybe…

Did I hope that she would drop the phone and it would somehow be kicked into oblivion when it fell, never to be used again?

You might think that, but I couldn’t possibly comment…

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