Mysterious ways…

Just been for a hair raid (number 4 cut, square back) as it’s getting warmer in Yorkshire and it’s a few weeks since a barber was let loose on my bonce!

Mystery number one was the choice of radio station playing in the premises – young person’s station when the majority of customers were a tad over thirty (or fifty in several cases).

Mystery number two was the music being played on said station – about as good as that being played on a truck stereo whilst that vehicle was parked in our street yesterday.

Was the CD entitled ‘Crapola – The Very Worst Of Pop And Dance Music’?

Dunno, but it would be an apt analogy thanks to the lack of quality in the music being played on that radio station and in said truck – and yes, I do like dance music as I have a few CDs in my collection of dance music old (1980’s-1990’s) and much older (1960’s and 1970’s).

The stuff being played yesterday and today was to dance music what deep fried chocolate bars are to healthy eating!

Mystery number three was an advertisement for city breaks by air.

Nowt wrong with that, but one of the selling points used in the ad was the ability to take along hold luggage weighing in at 22kg on that city break.

22kg? For a city break?

My bag for a seven day break weighs around 8kg depending on the airline being used for the trip…

Whisky Tango Foxtrot was my thought when each of these mysteries presented themselves.

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