Avoiding sport!

Yes, the Isle Of Man TT Races are almost over and it’s football time again on TV as European national teams do their best to win the trophy and keep their respective sponsor’s names to the fore.

For the fans it’s a chance to eat, drink and be merry in a friendly manner or (as in the case of an incident in Marseilles last night) start causing problems that the French police have to deal with…

It’s all part of what’s sometimes referred to as ‘The Great Summer Of Sport‘, especially as we also have Wimbledon, cricket and the Olympics (along with Formula 1 and the start of the next football season…).

Not that much (if any) of it will be watched around here, especially as I find that watching paint dry is more exciting than the stuff I’ve already mentioned – apart from the Isle Of Man TT Races.

Prep work began months ago as box sets were identified to watch on evenings when sport is being shown on TV here in the UK and there’s sod all in the way of alternatives to watch on the rest of the Freeview channels that are available to us…

So rather than watch sport, it’s highly likely that archive stuff such as The West Wing, Alan Bennett’s Talking Heads, Our Friends In The North, The Bridge, Italy From Top To Toe, classic Thunderbirds and the rest of the latest Young Montalbano series will be hitting the DVD player over the next few months.

Some may need the subtitles on (and no, I’m not talking about Our Friends In The North here – I lived and worked in the North East for 46 years!), but it’s all good stuff and definitely more entertaining than football or last night’s live Referendum debate on ITV!

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I’m a writer and photographer who has worked in the tailoring trade and the outdoor/travel clothing, equipment and footwear game. Past lives include working as an outdoor instructor, managing three bands and doing PR work through an agency or my own contacts. Was a student in the mid-90s and whilst I'm originally from the North East, I'm now based in Yorkshire & back out there working for a travel and outdoor activity based retailer.
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