Low tech…

Looking at various travel forums, it would appear that there are  a few people out there who can’t live without mobile coverage or Wi-Fi access.

We’ve just had two weeks in Herefordshire & Somerset here in the UK and guess what?

Low signal on Caroline’s smartphone and my dumbass phone at the two cottages we stayed in Herefordshire and Somerset and no signal at all in some of the places we visited in those counties or in the Brecon Beacons, North Devon or Dorset when we were exploring those areas.

And Wi-Fi? None at either of the cottages and only one place – the cafe next to Tintern Abbey – on the day we were moving between the two sets of digs.

Did my head explode because of this?

No, largely because we’d checked network coverage out before we left home and whether there was Wi-Fi at said cottages.

Did it bother us?

Not really, even on the day that both of us forgot to pick up our phones on the day we headed into North Devon and around Exmoor.

The iPad was used for note-taking and for reading using the Kindle app whilst Caroline was watching Poldark and to check my email whilst having a coffee and a bacon butty at Tintern.

And that was it…

Did we have a relaxing holiday? Yes…

Did we enjoy a low tech holiday? Yes..

Will we have more like it? Oh yes!

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I’m a writer and photographer who has worked in the tailoring trade and the outdoor/travel clothing, equipment and footwear game. Past lives include working as an outdoor instructor, managing three bands and doing PR work through an agency or my own contacts. Was a student in the mid-90s and whilst I'm originally from the North East, I'm now based in Yorkshire & back out there working for a travel and outdoor activity based retailer.
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