Twelve years…

There is a very good reason for remembering the 29th of November.

Caroline left the NHS behind and took up a new nursing role with a leading disability charity here in the UK whilst I went to work as usual and ended up in an NHS hospital.

Although I’d only had a medical three days beforehand as I’d just registered with a GP after moving to Skipton, I’d had a stroke.

Three UK registered cars drove past me as I lay on the ground, but the one that stopped to help out bore Polish plates.

The ambulance guys were great, as were the staff in Airedale General Hospital’s A and E department, the intensive care unit and the stroke unit.

I didn’t see myself in the mirror for a day or two, but the results of hitting a wall and the pavement with my face on the way down to the ground were all too obvious…

I was lucky though. I suspect I was the only non-smoker on the wards I was in and I know that I was the only one walking unaided between my bed and the TV room or shop.

Twelve years and more meds than I would like later, there’s still thanks going out to the paramedics and the staff at Airedale Hospital.

And to Caroline of course!


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