Tech or no tech?


The old ways are the best – sometimes

The Internet may be the future for most things, but there are times when it’s a bit like asking HAL to open the pod bay doors…

Have tried to do two sets of bookings over the last few days, one for rail tickets and the other for airport fast track.

In the case of the rail tickets, it was easier to get into the car and drive down to the station where the train in question is going from as a means of getting the sensible answer and the tickets – the out trains to our destination are being replaced by buses, but the website couldn’t tell me whether this was a full replacement or a partial replacement.

The lady in the ticket office resolved the matter in a couple of minutes, loaded the times into her computer, taking payment and printing the tickets.

After five attempts at getting fast track, I checked to see whether any payments had been taken out of the bank and then rang the helpline.

After explaining the situation, the fast track was booked, the payment taken and the confirmation email sent. By the time I put the phone down, the email had arrived and it’s now been printed off and stashed in the appropriate file in readiness for the start of the trip.

Technology, don’t you just love it?

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