Ten days of gifts – in at number 10…

Need some protection? Try Aquapac’s Small Stormproof Pouch…

We’ve not had any snow yet, but we have had some heavy rain around Wisepacking Towers over the last week or so, so much so that there’s been a couple of occasions when Caroline’s come in from either a leisure ride or her commute and she’s done a very good impression of a drowned rat called Nigel

Sometimes you know that there’s going to be bad weather and sometimes you don’t.

It’s a by-product of living in the UK I suppose, but when you get soaked on a visit to The Algarve and the temperatures have been in the mid-thirties C, then you can get caught out somewhat. There are also times when the rain in Spain doesn’t stay on the plain!

Help is at hand though and it’s the first of wisepacking’s suggestions of useful items that you can give as gifts over the festive period or if someone’s an awkward sod who has a birthday on the 3rd of January (like me!).

Aquapac’s Small Stormproof Pouch (£15) is one for the traveller that might get caught out in a rain shower or who gets soaked on a stormy Monday. It can hold pocket items like digital compact cameras, phones, cash and cards when out on a trail or on a fishing trip and it’s 100% waterproof too.

It’s just part of Aquapac’s range, a collection that is always getting added to as they conjure up new products to cover potential eventualities when you’re out and about. The sharp eyed amongst you may have seen one of their radio pouches being used by James May last night as he made his way from Ilfracombe to Lundy Island by boat in pursuit of a toy glider – the whole programme is probably on BBC’s iPlayer if you want to see more.

But I digress. Aquapac’s stuff is good, it works and items such as the Small Stormproof Pouch are pretty light too – 17g for the pouch and 5g for the lanyard.

More details and buying opportunities on http://store.aquapac.net – this also has full details of the whole Aquapac range.

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