Ten days of gifts – number 9

Compact is the word…

141010 Field Cup Set Green

Back in the day, I used to sell the Primus Field Cup Set. It’s a compact eating kit for when you’re on the hill or wandering around town and have the munchies.

There’s two cups, a lid and mini knife, fork and spoon. The cups have respective capacities of 400 ml and 200 ml, the whole package weighs in at 156g and there’s a good choice of colours available too (providing of course that the shop has ordered in more than one or two different colours in the – my former employers did central buying, so we got what we were given such i.e. orange). Everything packs into the largest cup which can then be slipped into a pack or day bag once you’ve wiped or washed away any food residue. The price? £10

http://www.primus.eu/field-cup-set-green or a host of outdoor shops around the UK and beyond.

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