Let the games commence…


You don’t always need Heathrow to get to places like this…

The decision has been made to allow a third runway at Heathrow Airport and there’s already conjecture that it might never happen if last night’s TV news reports are anything to go by.

I have flown out of Heathrow on several occasions, but if memory serves me right, the last couple of times were in 1999 and 2000. I was living in the North East at the time and access to Heathrow was usually by taking an overnight coach to the airport.

Fast forward sixteen years and I’m now living in Yorkshire so it’s easy to use either Leeds Bradford or Manchester to access international destinations by either direct flights from Leeds Bradford or Manchester or by flying via Schiphol or even via Heathrow.

Travel forums are already buzzing with comments as to what might happen, Boris Johnson has stated his thoughts on the matter and we’ve already had one MP resign his seat in the House Of Commons in protest at the decision and this is leading to a by-election.

Given that the legal niceties, planning and building processes are going to take year to implement, who knows how long it will be before the runway is actually up and running and whether it is the answer to the questions that have been asked over goodness knows how many years?

In which case I’ll stick to flying from and to airports closer to home here in the Northern Powerhouse!

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I’m a writer and photographer who has worked in the tailoring trade and the outdoor/travel clothing, equipment and footwear game. Past lives include working as an outdoor instructor, managing three bands and doing PR work through an agency or my own contacts. Was a student in the mid-90s and whilst I'm originally from the North East, I'm now based in Yorkshire & back out there working for a travel and outdoor activity based retailer.

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  1. juliamhammond says :

    Accessibility was one of the two overwhelming factors (the other was family) in my decision to return home to Essex after leaving Leeds Uni once my degree was done. I loved Yorkshire, but even living in a large and vibrant city like Leeds, I still felt cut off – I have never wished to live in London but I realise I need to be near it.

    In terms of airports, that means I’m within two hours of six major airports: LHR, LGW, LTN, STN, SEN and LCY. They all have their pros and cons. Heathrow is my least favourite, though I’d still endure it for a direct flight long haul than have to hub through somewhere else, especially as missed connections can be so inconvenient. Gatwick, if the route is available, is a pleasant experience most of the time and now that building work inside the terminal is done, Stansted is improving, though always seems to be crowded. City, also, is becoming a victim of its own success. Good to have so much choice though.


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